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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the intangible products of thought processes, creativity and marketing capabilities, and can be divided into the basic categories of trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. The proper management and protection of PLKI's and its Operating Company's intellectual property assets is vitally important to PLKI.


Any aspect of a product that tells or indicates to you from whom the product or service comes is a trademark. The difference between the two is that a trademark identifies a product, whereas a service mark identifies a service. Sometimes a trademark can be both. For example, POPEYES® is both a service mark for restaurant services as well as a trademark for a brand of food products. PLKI owns some of the best known and most valuable trademarks in the world, including:

  • words, such as POPEYES®;
  • slogans, such as LOVE THAT CHICKEN®;
  • designs such as
  • services, such as FRANCHISOR OF CHOICE®; or
  • combinations of the above.

Unless PLKI's trademarks and service marks are consistently marked with the proper symbols as detailed below, our trademarks are at risk of entering the public domain as common terms or symbols that could be used by everyone. For example, "Escalator," or "Aspirin."

PLKI policy:

We preserve and protect our intellectual property rights by consistently using proper notices at the first and most prominent use on each page or panel and we do not knowingly infringe upon the trademark rights of others.

As a result:

  • The notice "TM" is used immediately after a trademark when it is still in the process of being registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("PTO").
  • "SM" is used immediately after the service mark when the service mark is still in the process of being registered with the PTO.
  • A registered mark is a trademark or service mark that has been approved by and is currently registered with the PTO. A "®" must immediately follow it. If the "®" is not used, infringers are not liable for damages unless PLKI can show they had actual notice of the registration. Do not use a "®" on an unregistered trademark or service mark.
  • When mentioning the trademark of another company, such as a competitor or supplier, do so carefully to guard against confusion and always indicate when a trademark or service mark is owned by someone else.

In addition:

  • Using the word "brand" liberally can strengthen the mark (i.e., POPEYES® brand Fried chicken).
  • To avoid infringement, the Office of General Counsel investigates all proposed trademarks prior to their use on products or in the media.
  • Should the use of a word, symbol, slogan, or any combination thereof, by any other person or entity appear to be likely to cause consumer confusion with PLKI's marks, please notify the Office of General Counsel.

For more information:
PLKI Intellectual Property Style Guide
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PLKI creates creative and original works every day and owns copyrights in many forms of expression, including:

  • marketing materials of all kinds including audio-visual, photographs, graphic art and text;
  • advertising;
  • training and operational manuals;
  • packaging;
  • video or audio recordings; and
  • computer programs.

PLKI policy:

  • We hold the copyright to all works created by PLKI, as well as those created on behalf of PLKI by outside vendors.
  • We require that those vendors assign such copyrights to us in writing.

As a result:

  • The proper copyright notice consists of the symbol "©", together with the year of first publication and the name, "Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc." and must appear on all PLKI print and broadcast materials.
  • When outside vendors such as advertising agencies are paid to produce creative work for PLKI, those vendors must assign all copyrights in the creative works to PLKI.

In addition:

  • A copyright exists from the moment the creative work is created, even before it is registered with the federal government. Although registration is not required for the copyright to exist, the creative work must be registered before an infringing party can be sued.
  • Our employees may not reproduce, distribute or alter copyrighted materials owned by others without a license or other prior permission of the copyright owner.

Trade Secrets

PLKI also owns trade secrets, such as secret recipes and confidential procedures, that are valuable as long as they remain secret. Examples of trade secrets include our:

  • recipes;
  • cooking techniques;
  • operational methods;
  • pricing data;
  • marketing plans; and
  • supplier lists.

PLKI policy:

Our trade secrets must be kept secret.

As a result:

  • We will act promptly to notify anyone who, without authorization, takes or receives such secrets that they are the exclusive property of PLKI and may not used for any commercial purpose.
  • We will require that anyone with access to our trade secrets enter into an appropriate confidentiality agreement.

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Inventions may be protected by patents that prohibit others from making, using or selling the claimed invention.

PLKI policy:

We protect our inventions by filing timely patent applications.
We protect others' patents.

In addition:

We do not make, sell, use or practice any claim of any valid patent owned by another.

For more information:
Office of General Counsel