Investor Relations

Political Activities and Contributions

We believe that it is important to participate in the political process, and we encourage our employees, as private citizens, to participate in political activities as they deem appropriate.

PLKI policy:

  • Unless specifically approved by the Board of Directors, PLKI does not make political contributions to the nomination or election of candidates to any public office or for the benefit of any political party, including 527 organizations.
  • Employees may not attempt, on behalf of PLKI, to influence other employees to make or refrain from making personal political contributions.

As a result:

PLKI does not contribute:

  • any donation or loan of PLKI funds, assets or properties;
  • the use of PLKI services, facilities, property or anything of value, including employee work-time, free or discounted food or beverages;
  • to the purchase of political advertising or fundraising dinners; or
  • any other resources such as office supplies, PLKI letterhead, phone or fax machines without prior approval and proper reimbursement.


This policy is not intended to prohibit PLKI from participating in a lawful political action committee, or communicating with legislatures, governmental agencies or the general public about legislation or government activities that affect our business.