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About Us

At Popeyes®, our Leadership Team is on a mission to increase franchisee success in every facet of the business. Profitability and service excellence are achieved with a focus on five strategic pillars that guide every business decision.

Build Distinctive Brand

At Popeyes, we are all about the food. Our Louisiana heritage gives us a melting pot of food cultures from seven nations to draw on for new recipes and products presenting a superior food platform for flavor innovation.

Create Memorable Experiences

A service experience so good you can’t wait to come back to Popeyes

Grow Restaurant Profits

Our #1 customer is our franchisee, and we want to ensure they are successful and profitable.

Accelerate Quality Restaurants

We are adamant about growing with the right franchisees, in the right locations, at the right times.

Develop Servant Leaders

Inspire servant leaders to achieve superior results based on five key principles

"My job is to make sure that our franchisees are excited about our brand, where we're going, and that they understand it."

- Cheryl Bachelder,
  President & CEO
  Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen