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Requirements & Investments

Popeyes® is a brand with soul, offering a fast food franchise opportunity unlike any other. It's not for everyone and requires bold, passionate leadership. We are looking for franchisees that believe in accountability and take as much pride in serving the front of the house as managing the back of the house.

With our already extensive footprint, there is abundant opportunity to accelerate growth domestically and rapidly expand the brand. We are actively seeking to partner with qualified individuals who possess the right mix of expertise and enthusiasm. Potential restaurant franchise candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Possess solid business experience
  • Show proven expertise in owning or operating restaurants
  • Must have a minimum net worth of $1,000,000 and $500,000 in liquid assets, per restaurant
  • Make a commitment to grow with the Popeyes brand
  • Previous franchise experience is advantageous

Popeyes offers flexible real estate development opportunities. The two most common venues are freestanding and in-line. However, we also develop in airports, shopping malls, college/university campuses and many other non-traditional venues.

Franchise Fees
Total estimated start-up costs range from $235,300–$454,100*(excluding real estate and construction costs).

Development Fee $12,500 per restaurant
Franchise Fee $35,000 per restaurant
Royalty Fee Five percent (5%) of gross sales—as defined by Popeyes
Marketing Fee Four percent (4%) of gross sales
"If you meet people who have Popeyes, they will always support Popeyes because they just love the food."

—Charles Boyd, Franchisee
  21 Popeyes restaurants